Do your prices include VAT? - Yes all our prices include UK VAT at 20%

Do you Ship to the European Union? - Yes we do. The UK has however now left the EU so be aware, customers outside the UK will be liable for import duty once the goods land and VAT rate in that destination country.  We also ship to the Rest of the World.

How long does it take to make my cover? - Our stock covers such as Our Soft Indoor Ultra Stretch, Stormforce, Sahara, Voyager and various PLUS upgraded tend to be dispatched within 1 working day.  Our custom made bespoke covers usually take 2 to 3 weeks as each cover is custom made to order.

My car has non standard items fitted like, large spoiler or roof rack, can you make me a cover? - Yes usually we will ask for photos and maybe a few measurements.  Please check with us first if purchasing a standard stock cover for a car that has mods, kits and other non standard items fitted.

My car has an antenna, how will that work with the cover? - With our stock covers like Voyager, Stormforce, Sahara and their various PLUS upgrades we would recommend just unscrewing the antenna from its base.  

Will the cover scratch my car? - No, all our fabrics are designed for use with painted vehicle surfaces & all fittings included are non-scratch.  It is important that any car is clean before fitting a cover.

Can I have something printed onto my cover? - Yes, indoor fleece covers we can print in single or full colour depending on your requirements.  Outdoor covers tend not to take a print well due to the heat process so we don't offer this on these.  We can only print logos onto covers if you have specific permission from the Trademark holder to do so. ( eg you are an Authorised Dealership )

What happens if my cover gets damaged?  - Even in high winds, our outdoor covers stand up to the elements really well.  The fully fitted design and 4 x under body straps means the cover moves very little if at all.   At the point weather warning are issued in your area we advise using common sense and removing the cover in that instance to be safe.   Sometimes covers experience damage due to animals, this is also beyond our control but we can assist with patches if required free of charge in this instance.

My car has been resprayed recently, can I use an cover on it?  - Bottom line is check with whoever did the re spray.  If the car has been baked in an oven a cover can be used 7 days after. If the car has not been baked we suggest that you ask the sprayer for advice as some paint processes continue to harden for months after.